Journey School Parent Cabinet is a 501c3 organization that coordinates parent volunteers for school-wide events and programs, fostering a strong sense of school community. PC, as parent cabinet is known, also raises money to support classes that would otherwise not be possible (arts, music, handwork, etc.). PC also serves as the parent voice with administration and faculty on various day to day and more strategic matters.

Each guardian of students at Journey School is a member of parent cabinet. No dues are required and every member is welcome to attend the monthly general meeting.

Monthly Parent Cabinet meetings happen on the second Wednesday of each month.

Our current Parent Cabinet Board consists of:

President: Karen Pan
Vice President: Cassie Kauwling
Treasurer: Jaime Lloyd
Secretary: Lindsay Allbee
School Board Representative: Vivienne Benjamin
Director of Communications: Kim Welsh & Candice Reese

If you have questions, please email

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