Invisible fundraising is when stores or retailers donate money to Journey when you shop at their store or buy their goods. You can give back to Journey without spending an extra dime!

Donations are typically in the range of 1% to 10% and together can amount to thousands of dollars for Journey each year.

Check out the many different ways you can be part of Invisible Fundraising.

Benefit Mobile:  it’s an app that lets you buy and use electronic gift cards for major retailers from your phone.  Download it to your phone today!

Shop With Scrip:  it’s a traditional scrip program with physical gift cards or you can buy and use electronic gift cards from your phone or home computer.  Go online and use Journey’s code C7L7699D44L88 to enroll.

Amazon: Register your Amazon account with Amazon smile  and you’ll be earning 1/2 % each time you shop.

Ralphs: Register your Ralphs club card each September and 1- 4% of your purchases will be donated to Journey.  You can also register by calling (800) 576-4377.