There are approximately 300 families at Journey. See what the power of everyone participating in a small but meaningful way can add up to….

50 families use Benefit Mobile at Target (1%) and spend $200/month:                                                          $ 1,200 per year

50 families buy gas cards from Shop with Scrip (1.5%) and spend $200/month:                                              $ 1,800 per year

50 families join Farm Fresh To You or Tanaka Farms (10%) and spend $100/month:                                    $ 6,000 per year

50 families shop at Amazon through Amazon Smile (.5%) and spend $300/month:                                            $900 per year

100 families use Benefit Mobile or Shop with Scrip (3%) and spend $300/month on groceries:                  $10,800 per year


Grand Total:    $20,700 per year


Together we can earn thousands of dollars for Journey each year just by shopping where we already shop and without spending an extra dime!