With the New Year comes a gradual transition of winter to spring. The garden is blooming and ushers in one of our happiest and biggest community events of the year, May Faire.  The school is decorated with lush greenery and fresh flowers.  There is an abundance of food, music, and entertainment—including the highly intriguing selection of the May Faire King and Queen.  The main event is the graceful maypole dancing with each grade presenting traditional and culturally historic dances they have learned about through their studies.


Beginning of  May


Central gathering on the campus lawn.

Which grade?

All Grades and Kindergartners (as inactive members), everyone is wearing white clothes for this event.


  1. Who is in charge: Faculty, Music Teacher which also teach the kids the dance before the event.
  2. 3rd and 4th Grade each year are responsible for getting flowers donated for the campus, decorating the campus, organizing the bake sale, setting up seating area and king/queen thrones, getting the chicken, setting up the food stations, and manning the tables. All room parents help organize their own class contributions to the bake sale, raffia, and flowers for the crowns.
  3. Volunteers? What are their duties?
  • For younger grades Volunteers are needed to help the children with the head wreath making.
  • Volunteers are needed for parking lot coordination
  • Parent Cabinet donates raffia to make the May pole.
  • Need of flowers donations
  • Each child brings one bouquet of flowers  to school with them
  • Please – all children AND adults should be dressed in all white.  If white is not an option, then please ask kids to be dressed in pastels.
  • Help in the classroom to create & put flowers into the raffia wreaths.
  • Clean-up the classroom afterwards.
  • Help with decorating the campus and directing traffic

What kind of event?

Community Building

Waldorf part of the ever?

May Faire is an ancient festival welcoming the Spring, Traditional maypole dances.