Fairy Market is a special, annual fundraiser.  It is essentially a “pop-up” shop where students shop with their class for gifts that parents have created and donated.  For information, gift ideas, and photographs please see the video (above) and the frequently asked questions (below).

Fairy Market FAQ’s

What is Fairy Market?

Fairy Market truly is a special time when children learn the the joy of giving a gift they’ve chosen for themselves.   They look, consider, and choose from a wide range of items.  Fairy Market is a fundraiser.  Each child donates the number of items they are going to “purchase” plus 2-4 extra. The cost of each gift is $2.00. The maximum number of gifts a child can purchase is 6 and there is no minimum.  We want all children to participate so please see the slideshow and the pinterest boards for a variety of easy gift ideas.

What is the gift list?

The gift list is the list of the people each student will be shopping for, including names and ages.  The gift list will be sent home and a digital copy emailed.  The filled-in list is turned in with $2.00 per gift to a fairy market box in the office or with the donated gifts.

Gift Ideas
There is really no end of variety in the gifts for Fairy Market. Many people enjoy making special items for the market and consider ages and gender when they generate their ideas. A handmade item or a handmade element is appreciated and a large part of what makes fairy market special to the students and those who receive the gifts. The gifts cover a wide range of items–everything from candles to soup mixings, jewelry to bookmarks, little pinecone gnomes to craft kits, frames to shell-filled pouches.  Your creative ideas enrich the Fairy Market and the experiences of the children each year. Please view the slideshow and the pinterest boards for many different, easy to make gift ideas. Please NO perishable food items, store bought stuffed animals or candy.

Need More Ideas?
The video above is AMAZING!!

For more ideas please visit the Fairy Market Pinterest account, here.
If the above link doesn’t work type “fairy market” into the search box at the top of the Pinterest page. Then click on the “pinners” box above the photos. Most pins (photos) link to a webpage with directions.

Do my donated gifts need to be all the same?
No.  Donating the correct number is important but you can turn in different kinds of gifts.

Why is it important to turn in your gifts on time? 
The last day the gifts are collected they are distributed into a dedicated box for each class.  When gifts are not turned in on time it makes this important aspect of Fairy Market difficult.  Fairy Market is designed to give each class a fresh collection of items from which to shop.

Why donate extra gifts?

Fairy Market runs on the honor system.  We rely on families turning in the number of gifts their children are shopping for.  However, inevitably, some gifts don’t quite make it to the shopping tables, usually due to breakage or falling apart. Please be so generous as to turn in 2-4 extra gifts.  It is very appreciated and helps ensure a smooth and successful Fairy Market.

Do kids make the gifts/crafts?
The short answer is, “No.”  Fairy Market is not a kids craft show.  However, there are who do make the items or help parents make the items.  Student participation can be delightful (the needle felted unicorns in the slideshow were made by students) but please be discerning.

Volunteers are needed to create a magical Fairy Market. We need fairies to collect gifts, set-up, clean-up, and, of course, be fairies!  See our volunteer sign-up list that comes out a few weeks prior to the event on ParentSquare.

Fairy Market is always in need of white lights on white wire, tissue paper, twine, ribbon, gift labels and tape.