Lantern Walk Songs

Part of the joy is singing together, we have the songs here to listen to or download so you can learn them with your kids!

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Lantern Songs Words

What is Lantern Walk?

On Lantern Walk night, students in the lower grades bring carefully decorated lanterns created as symbols for their own individual light.  They gather with parents and teachers to share a meal and story about service to others.  Next, everyone walks together throughout campus singing and carrying light.

The experience helps children recognize “the light” of one another, and gives them an experience of caring and sharing with each other.


Beginning of November, early evening.


On campus

Which grade?

Kindergarten starts and celebrates separate from Grade 1 to 5.


a.  is in charge: Teachers . Parents are going together with their children.

    b.  volunteers? What are their duties?  Parents for set up candles. Light up candles, potluck, clean up.

    c.  else?  Outside Community? Family members are invited.


What kind of event?

Community Building